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“Tamil MI-7” Coming soon !

Tamil MI-7 is amalgamated with the British film industry. The Licence is authorised by Metropolitan Police department.


This film was directed by Mr. Shun, filmed in both England and Tamil Elam, which took only 8 days to be completed in 2005 and also one of my dear  brother Mr. Sudaharan was given a chance to play a good part in this film & fulfill his long-term wish.

I liked my character in this film and a song showing all of the important places in Jaffna really touched my heart. After watching this film most of my fans said that I am  a good action hero. Once again I would like to thank my Film Director Shun for giving  me this Character.

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"SURYA" - 2004

I would like to thank Mr Sriskanthan, who introduced Surya as a cinema Hero. Yes, Suresh Krishna is now known to the world as Surya.
The duration of this film is 2 hours and 15 minutes, which includes 4 songs (written by Pa. Vijay) and 2 fights. The actual scenes took 8 days, the 4 songs took 4 days and the 2 fights took 2 days.

For the shooting of this film, I landed at Chennai airport on the 2nd of April 2004 and stayed at Kodamparkam Liberty Park Hotel until the 28th May. The Seventh Channel in Chennai had organized and provided both the Artistes and technical support to obtain the final product. I must thank Mr. Narayanan, Ms. Mala Maniyan and the chief editor Mr. Magesh. I must also thank Mr Bala, who had many sleepless nights to direct this film with his associates, in order to complete it within a month.

Surya was made with a number of famous actors including Mr. Shanmugasuntharam, who has 41 years of experience in the cine field and Mr.' Nilalkal' Ravi who has 24 years of experience. It was indeed a challenge for Surya to act amongst these actors. Together with the rest of the teams' support, the whole film was co-ordinated very well.


Producer : Srikanthan (kensal Rise)

Lyrics : Pa. Vijay.

Music : Ravi Devendran

Direction : S Bala.

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"Theervu" - 2003

This is the film which gave me a good & fantastic experience in acting. It was really a nice story that impressed me a lot. In that film, the courtroom scene was shot at AVM Studios in South India and the fighting and firing action scenes were shot in the forests of Point Pedro, Sri Lanka. You can see the whole production team of this film in the gallery, including the film Director, Mr. SHUN who introduced me to acting and gave me an individual identity among the viewers. I also would like to share an interesting incident, which was so enjoyable in my life. On the Christmas day in 2002, I was on a live telecast show in DEEPAM TV with Mr. Abdul Hameed and Ms. Sumathy.I was dressed up as the Santa clause and was asked to bless all the DEEPAM TV viewers. This was really a wonderful opportunity given to me by DEEPAM TV to show my talent in acting. In this regard I wholeheartedly would like to thank Mr. Hameed for giving me that golden chance.

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Super Hit Creations UK: Singanadai
Super Hit Creations UK: Chandramugii
This DVD contains 12 songs which was acted by londonbaba and others. This DVD is solely to facilitate the deprived Village in
Sri lanka named thawalanthenne.
This DVD contains songs from Chandramugi which was acted by Londonbaba with Srilankan dancers in
Sri Lanka .
Please Approach your nearest Video shop to get your Free with Purchase Singa Nadai DVD.
- Refer to Shops Terms and Conditions for further information.
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